Looking for adventure?  In the everyday?  Let Reclaim the Map support you to get out there.  Reclaim the map offer empowerment and wonder.  Get your imagination going enabling you to build the skills to Get out !? Escape from suburban internet captivity. Our gear is low cost and environmentally thoughtful. 

Our thinking tools empower you to find adventure, focusing on your innate ability to thrive in the unknown.  Start small, your backyard will do.  As your skills develop you might just climb a very tall mountain, cross an ocean or find adventure in the everyday.  With appropriate skill your kit will get you out into most Australian climates.

10% of all sales are donated to the Collingwood Children’s Farm for projects supporting the future of all on this part of the planet.    

Packs are sourced as locally as possible with a view to reducing environmental impact.  Circular economies are used where possible.  Your kit will come with all that is required to rethink adventure and be comfortable in your backyard or further afield.    The Reclaim the Map journal that will provoke your imagination and support you to build the skills to get out and want to stay out. 

The rules are simple.  1, You are on your own,  you’re in charge.  2,  Lock yourself out, say, from 5:30 pm until 9:00 am.

Option 1.  Get Out!? Pack. A basic kit for anyone looking to Get Out !?  
the kit included all you need to make shelter, get comfy and Reclaim your Map.  our thinking journal might guide your own journey to adventure.   

Option 2 Get out!?  advanced pack for big kids.
Basic Pack plus a sharp blade and flame.  

Option 3 : Get out !? Mentor
Get a group of mates and book a Reclaim the Map mentor.  Day trips down the Yarra,  flat or white water.  Walking or skills intensives adventurous discussions.  Get in touch and let us know what influence your after. 

Option 4. Float +  Get out !?kit
Our kit is light,  get out paddling for a night on a SUP or row yourself along a secluded waterway. 

“The curvy lines stood out to me, with curvy lines there is mystery”

Sarah Foley

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